General Produce Company

general produce co

Country/Region From: United States

Industry: Food and Agriculture

General Produce’s founder, Chan Tai Oy, capitalized on the opportunities he found in California. Access to high-quality fruits, vegetables, nuts, milk, fresh fish, and other foods grown in the region made General Produce (GP) known for its quality produce. GP has stood the test of time. After emigrating from China, Chan started GP in 1933 and began selling fresh fish and produce throughout the state. Their customers, which started as local mom & pop grocery stores, now include supermarkets, military commissaries, restaurants, hotels, casinos, schools, prisons, wholesalers, and businesses throughout the Pacific Rim.

GP has adapted to new products and markets. In the past 88 years, they have embraced many of the opportunities that a diverse and vibrant California economy has to offer. In 1989, GP expanded into exporting, using their access to fresh produce, product, infrastructure, and grower relationships to broaden into the international market. Their attention to personal relationships and commitment to their community prepares them for continued growth.

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Publish Date: April 12, 2021