state for NIH funding1


of U.S. life sciences patents in 20232


in VC raised in 20232


California has a history of leading innovations in life-saving biomedical technologies. At over $5.3 billion annually, California institutions lead the nation in National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding.1.

California’s life sciences industry directly employs 466,888 workers and generates over $414 billion in annual economic output.1. More bioscience and biotechnology patents are issued to California companies and researchers than any other state. California leads across the board in patent generation, accounting for 40 percent of U.S. life sciences patents filed in 2023.2.

California life science companies raised over $34.1 billion in VC investment in 2023, far more than any other state.2. These investments keep California at the forefront of biotech innovation.

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91,000 life sciences degrees conferred in 20222

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16,576 life sciences establishments2

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#1 state exporter of medical equipment and supplies2

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