Zero-Emission Vehicles (ZEV)


New Vehicle Sales are Zero Emission Vehicles in 20191


Public Chargers and Hydrogen Stations2

Zero-Emission Vehicles (ZEV)

California leads the nation in zero emission passenger and goods movement. Our system of incentives, regulations, workforce development, and active stakeholder engagement is designed to enable industry to deliver the technologies and scale we need to secure a prosperous, clean, and climate friendly future.

GO-Biz has a team specifically dedicated to cultivating opportunities to accelerate zero emission vehicle market growth. We welcome companies and ideas of all types and remain dedicated to success both inside and outside of California.

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#1 ZEV market in the US3

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726,145 ZEVs sold in CA through June 20204

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2nd largest source of CA exports5

Popular Programs

ZEV Charging Stations

ZEV Infrastructure Progress

California has ambitious targets of 200 hydrogen fueling stations and 250,000 plug-in electric chargers to support 1.5 million ZEVs in California by 2025, on the path to 5 million ZEVs by 2030.

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ZEV Readiness

Successfully launching the zero emission vehicle market requires local leadership and buy-in. GO-Biz has developed a repository of tools that can help communities and stakeholders enable the rapid development of zero emission vehicle infrastructure.

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ZEV Infrastructure Incentives

California and local governments offer a variety of incentives to help property owners and businesses install zero emission vehicle infrastructure with a skilled workforce. Click below for a list of incentives that can help.

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Resources to Get Involved

California has multiple programs and opportunities to engage. GO-Biz has curated list of documents, listservs, and partners that can help interested stakeholders get engaged in California’s efforts to build a zero emission transportation system.