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Country/Region From: Japan

Industry: Food and Agriculture

A fusion of cultures is at the core of the Sapporo brand, a Japanese beer brewery that began with their original brewmaster honoring German beer-making techniques. California’s large, diverse population and vast beer industry provides a variety of testable markets for Sapporo’s nationwide distribution strategy. California’s strategic location as a gateway for shipments from Asia, along with its sturdy distribution infrastructure, has made it the perfect place to expand, diversify, and innovate business.

Sapporo began their first U.S. exports to California and established Sapporo USA in 1984 in the state. In 2017, the Sapporo Group acquired Anchor Brewing Company in San Francisco, which is now 100% subsidiary of Sapporo USA. Throughout the years, Sapporo has been recognized with awards nationwide. They have expanded their business from the original California foothold to across the USA and continue to strengthen their presence in North America.

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Publish Date: April 23, 2021