The Inland Southern California region plays a critical role in the economic prosperity of the state of California.  The Inland SoCal Link iHub is anchored by an innovative partnership between the Port of Los Angeles and Inland Southern California.  The overarching goal of this iHub is to maximize economic development opportunities within the transportation corridor which links the Port with the Inland Southern California region.  This will be accomplished through the establishment of an advanced manufacturing iHub that seeks to innovate and refine logistics in an effort to maximize the state’s exports.

Inland Southern California has grown an emerging economy built around world-class educational institutions, sleek new business parks that increasingly are home to technology-based companies and, most of all, a spirit of innovation that permeates the effort to individually and collectively lift the county’s economy to the next level.  Central to this effort is the University of California, Riverside.   The university, and especially its many centers of excellence, is a driving force behind the positive diversification that is occurring in the Riverside County economy, which now includes strong representation from entrepreneurs, high technology companies, medical technology, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and renewable energy.  The region is also home to a vast array of institutions of higher learning including everything from the three growing campuses of the Riverside Community College District in Riverside, Norco and Moreno Valley to the satellite campus of Cal State San Marcos that is welcoming students to its facility in the City of Temecula. California State University, San Bernardino provides nationally-recognized programs at its Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship.

This stockroom of intellectual power bodes well for Inland Southern California’s chances of further developing high-tech sectors.  It is bordered by high-tech centers to the west in Orange County and to the south in San Diego County.  The region is home to a vast and skilled workforce, an extensive transportation network, and the intellectual capital that results from having more than 25 colleges and university, including seven research institutions, within the two-county inland region.  Inland Southern California is increasingly attractive to high-tech companies whose leaders realize that every dollar saved on land, development and cost of occupancy is a dollar that can be re-invested in the development of emerging technologies.

The iHub will promote economic development and innovation based opportunities in the Inland SoCal Link corridor.  It will also boost the area’s effort to create additional programs and institutions that will foster new research and knowledge centers with a focus on advanced logistics.  As such these goals will include:

  • Promote collaboration and industry development in the advanced manufacturing and logistics sectors.
  • Expand the volume of exports through Port of Los Angeles that are manufactured or produced from Inland Southern California.
  • Encourage foreign direct investment as a mechanism for regional job creation.
  • Form a sustainable platform to support federal, state and local legislative matters that are mutually aligned between Port of Los Angeles and Inland Southern California. 


iHub Coordinator

Rob Moran
Riverside County Economic Development Agency
3403 10th Street, Suite 400
Riverside, CA 92501
(800) 984-1000