Hydrogen Fueling Station Readiness

Hydrogen fueling stations are becoming increasingly common in California, serving both passenger and commercial vehicles. They operate under robust codes and standards, with approval from local building, planning and fire officials.

Please refer to our Hydrogen Station Permitting Guidebook for information and best practices for hydrogen station development. The Hydrogen Fuel Cell Partnership also has a Hydrogen Refueling Station Buyer’s Guide.

The Hydrogen Fueling Station Permit Streamlining Map is a living companion to the Hydrogen Fueling Station Permitting Guidebook. Its purpose is to create a shared understanding of Hydrogen Fueling Station permit streamlining across the state, and track compliance with California law SB-1291 Hydrogen-fueling stations . We hope communities use this tool, and the others linked below, to easily replicate success, leverage lessons learned, and save time as we all work to aggressively build out California’s zero-emission vehicle infrastructure network.

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Hydrogen Permit Streamlining

A growing number of California jurisdictions are streamlining their hydrogen fueling station permitting processes – see the current tally below! You can learn more about scoring by looking at the Permitting Hydrogen Stations Scorecard. If you have updates to make for your jurisdiction, let us know.

Streamlined Jurisdictions
(Numbers of cities and counties)

Streamlined:Streamlining in Progress:Not Streamlined:

The State of California aims to have 200 hydrogen refueling stations by 2025. The map below displays the total number of hydrogen refueling stations open and planned across California. It is updated quarterly as part of the California Energy Commission Zero Emission Vehicle and Infrastructure Statistics dashboard.

Click image below to view interactive map

If you have hydrogen refueling stations to add to the count, please submit them through the U.S. Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels Data Center (AFDC) webform.

If you are looking for a refueling station near you, or if you want to identify refueling stations for your next road trip, you can utilize the AFDC Station Locator, the California Fuel Cell Partnership Map, or a variety of other hydrogen refueling station map applications.