Turtle Tree Labs Inc.


Country/Region From: Singapore

Industry: Biotech and Life Science

Turtle Tree Labs Inc. is a Singaporean cell-based milk company that established operations in Woodland, California in May 2021 at an agtech incubator. They chose California because the state is a hub for food and agricultural innovation. In particular, they focused on the greater Sacramento region due to its proximity to UC Davis, which is globally recognized for advanced research on agriculture and animal science.

As a biotech company that pioneered cell-based technologies to create the full spectrum of mammalian milks, innovation for impact is in Turtle Tree’s DNA. Their goal is to provide sustainable, cruelty-free dairy and infant nutrition products, and their headquarters in California is the first step of their US expansion strategy. Since their initial launch in Woodland, TurtleTree has opened a 24,000-square-foot R&D facility in West Sacramento. Their location allows the company to access California’s world-class talent pool and tap into the North American alternative protein market. Operating in California also enables Turtle Tree Labs to collaborate closely with strategic partners to scale up manufacturing and reach more customers.

Find them online at: turtletree.co

Publish Date: August 11, 2021