Meet Fresh, USA

Meet Fresh CEO, Mr. Fu, Hsin-chin

Meet Fresh CEO, Mr. Fu, Hsin-chin

Country/Region From: Taiwan

Industry: Food and Agriculture

The first Meet Fresh store in the U.S. was established in July of 2014 in Irvine, California. The support of the local Californian Chamber of Commerce and other state government organizations helped Meet Fresh bring their business to California. California has a large Asian market and a comprehensive distribution and transportation system that facilitated Meet Fresh’s planning logistics and overall growth. Over the years, they have established 16 corporate and franchised stores in California, which make up almost half of their U.S. presence. Meet Fresh views California as their permanent base in the U.S. and has helped the local economy prosper.

Today, you can find Meet Fresh worldwide, with over 800 Meet Fresh locations globally. The Meet Fresh brand emphasizes fresh ingredients and traditional processes to craft Taiwanese desserts, teas, and treats. They benefit from California’s unparalleled food culture.

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Publish Date: April 16, 2021