Federal Funding Opportunities

Federal funding can be a critical component for state economic development. Funding opportunities such as the historic Infrastructure Investments and Jobs Act (IIJA) and the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) offer a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transition our nation’s economy to a climate friendly, clean energy economy. The following resources can help California leaders and stakeholders navigate the federal funding space. For more information on California Climate Action broadly, click here. To see a map and other information on infrastructure projects in California, click here.

Available Opportunities

Climate Program Portal: Atlas Public Policy
One of the best portals tracking funding opportunities for IIJA and IRA is the Climate Program Portal created by Atlas Public Policy, a platform that brings a data driven approach to public policy decision-making.

The Climate Program Portal host a variety of IIJA and IRA resources, including an Opportunities Dashboard where open funding opportunities are tracked and an Outcomes Dashboard where awarded funding information is tracked.

Emails ending in .gov can register for free – simply submit the registration form and their team will approve your account as soon as possible. They also provide 15-minute consultations to answer questions about navigating their data.

IIJA and IRA White House Tools
The White House has released guidebooks, open funding pages, and other resources for the Infrastructure Investments and Jobs Act (IIJA) and the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). The guidebooks detail the Biden-Harris Administration’s goals in releasing funding, various funding categories, and important program details. These documents are a useful directory when searching for funding information through these acts. Other resources include a map of progress IIJA implementation, a directory of tax credits in the IRA, and much more.

Federal Agency Tools

Many federal agencies that administer funding host webpages with current open funding opportunities and Exchanges where Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) documents can be found. Here are some useful webpages to check regularly for new opportunities that arise in the climate and clean energy funding spaces:

California Office of Planning and Research Federal Grants Portal
The California Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (OPR) offers a great starting point to learn about the federal grants process. Through OPR’s Federal Grants website, state agencies, local governments, institutions of higher learning, and nonprofit organizations have access to resources on how to find, apply for, and manage federal grants.

See the Federal Grant Resources page for an introduction to Grants.gov, the primary platform for federal grant opportunities, and the Federal Grant Email List where you can receive email updates on funding opportunities.

Additionally, see OPR’s Intergovernmental Review of Federal Programs page to learn who has applied to funding opportunities.

California Transportation Agency IIJA Dashboard

The California Transportation Agency (CalSTA) hosts a dashboard with ample resources, data, and analysis on IIJA transportation funding.

The Rebuilding California website gives a breakdown on the numbers of federal dollars coming to California through the IIJA.

Federal Tax Incentives

Inflation Reduction Act Tax Credits

A key component of the funding within the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is the $270 billion dollars in tax credits that will help to accelerate clean energy technologies, efficiency, emissions reductions, and more. Click below for a detailed breakdown of each tax credit in the IRA.


US Department of Energy Loan Programs Office

DOE Loan Programs Office (LPO) Homepage

California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank (IBank)
IBank Climate Catalyst Fund – California Climate Financing

  • IBank’s Climate Catalyst Fund exists to jumpstart critical climate solutions through flexible, low-cost credit and credit support. Although this is a state program, IBank continues to work with federal partners to identify new pathways of implementing California climate financing solutions.
California State Treasurer's Office

The California State Treasurer’s Office has program options for climate and energy related financing.

Regional Coordination

California Community and Place-Based Solutions

California Community and Place-Based Solutions Homepage

  • In 2022, the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) established the Community & Place-Based Solutions (CPBS) Team to support local governments, non-profits, community-based organizations, colleges & universities, and other economic development partners in their community development needs. The CPBS team offers direct technical assistance and funding navigation related to your economic development needs.

Funding Resources

  • This page on the CPBS website outlines both federal and state funding opportunities, and directs toward topic specific funding as well.

Regional Profiles

  • Explore this map to see the 13 Regional Profiles that the CPBS team covers. You can find contact information for your area’s Regional Economic Recovery Coordinator through this page.

Tracking Progress

Federal Funding Award Data
Atlas Public Policy’s Climate Program Portal has a dashboard dedicated to tracking awarded climate related funding in the Infrastructure Investments and Jobs Act and Inflation Reduction Act.

See the section above on Atlas Public Policy and the Climate Program Portal under “Available Funding.”

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (also known as the Infrastructure Investments and Jobs Act) Map of Progress shows a state-by-state map of funding awards announced for various projects across the country.

The federal government’s USA Spending Database was established by the Federal Funding and Accountability Act in 2006 and further improved by the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act in 2014. This database offers numerous ways to filter spending data being awarded across the country, including by federal agency, recipient type, location, and more. Agencies are required by law to submit their spending information monthly.

California Transportation Agency (CalSTA) IIJA Dashboard

CalSTA Infrastructure Investments and Jobs Act Implementation Dashboard

  • The California Transportation Agency (CalSTA) hosts a dashboard with ample resources, data, and analysis on IIJA transportation funding.

Rebuilding CA: IIJA By the Numbers

  • This website gives a breakdown on the numbers of federal dollars coming to California through the IIJA.