Choya Umeshu USA Inc.

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Country/Region From: Japan

Industry: Food and Agriculture

Choya is a Japanese beverage company that has grown steadily since expanding into California. The diverse markets, large customer base, and the many wineries throughout the state make California a prime location for Choya. The state’s robust distribution network provides a reliable infrastructure for Choya to move their products throughout the state and beyond. What’s more, California’s innovative hubs propel Choya to stand out in a competitive market.

Made by steeping ume fruit in spirit, Umeshu, a tonic that is Choya’s signature product, has been made and enjoyed by many families in Japan over the centuries. More than half a century has passed since Choya began producing Umeshu and today, it is a brand recognized and available across Japan and the U.S. Choya benefits from California’s diverse communities and foodie culture.

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Publish Date: April 16, 2021