inQbrands Inc. (dba Crov Distribution & Services)


Country/Region From: China

Industry: International Trade

inQbrands is a Chinese global trade facilitator – the company chose California when they expanded into the global market. California provided inQbrands with a more direct connection to a significant portion of their customer base, faster access to goods flowing through ocean freight, and the largest market of Chinese American businesses. inQbrands helps its customers with brand development and cross-border commerce specializing in Chinese and U.S. markets. They maintain strategic alliances with manufacturers in China by offering opportunities to bring products to North American consumers, packaged and branded for this market, across a wide range of categories.

inQbrands’ U.S. team has worked with leading companies to expand their customer base and build brands. Hard work coupled with the rich opportunities and resources in California has enabled inQbrands to continue growing their business into 2021.

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Publish Date: April 6, 2021