Golden Dreams Media & Communications

Golden Dream

Country/Region From: China

Industry: Media and Communications

When Golden Dreams Media & Communications started in 2013, they set out to make the most of California’s assets: California’s sister state relationship with Jiangsu Province in China, the position as the hub of media program production and innovation, strong support from state and local government, the business-friendly environment, well-developed infrastructure, the diversity of population and culture, and, of course, the beautiful weather.

Golden Dreams is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation International in China. It is dedicated to relationship building and partnership programs for media, educational, and cultural institutions in the U.S. and China, especially in program copyrights trading, production, and distribution, as well as people-to-people exchange programs. Golden Dreams has executed several projects since its foundation and quotes novelist Taylor Caldwell’s to describe California, “If they can’t do it in California, it can’t be done anywhere.” Golden Dreams is looking forward to further developing its partnership and growing its business in California.

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Publish Date: April 16, 2021