The California-China Office of Trade and Investment (CTO) is California’s official state trade office with The People’s Republic of China.  The Office is a public-private program led by the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz), economic development groups, and private sector companies across the state.  It was opened by California Governor Edmund G. Brown on April 12, 2013 in Shanghai, China.

The CTO is California’s central vehicle for promoting both trade and investment between the state and China. Dedicated experts located in Shanghai, Sacramento, and San Francisco provide services to businesses throughout California and China to forge cross-border trade and investment relationships, particularly in the innovative environmental technologies, life sciences, lifestyle, and financial services industries.

Programs run by the Trade Office focus on helping Chinese companies start and expand in California, assisting California companies seeking to engage in the China market, and attracting foreign direct investment into California projects.

The Office of Trade and Investment is financed entirely free of state funding, largely through the donations of private enterprises and through matching grants received through trade-focused federal programs.

California-China Trade Network Partners include: 

  • California Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce
  • World Trade Center Los Angeles
  • City of Sacramento


In September 2012, Governor Brown signed into law Assembly Bill 2012, authored by Speaker John A. Pérez. The bill made GO-Biz the lead state agency for international trade and investment activities. This includes creating international trade and investment offices outside of the United States, and accepting private donations for those purposes.

In October 2012, GO-Biz signed a partnership agreement with the Bay Area Council, a San Francisco-headquartered nonprofit business organization, to operate a California Trade and Investment office in Shanghai and organize trade and investment missions to China.

GO-Biz is required to list all donations for the operation of the office and related activities. For the current list, view the Donor Report.

California-China Office of Trade and Investment Reports