International Collaboration

GO-Biz works closely with other State agencies, global partners, and overseas counterparts to better serve California.

International Affairs and Trade Development

International Affairs and Trade Development Interagency Committee

This committee advises Governor Newsom on international issues and coordinates activities on trade, investment, and international relations.

Overseas Presence

International Support

California has established the China Trade and Investment Network (CTIN) as well as trade and investment desks in Mexico and Armenia. These international networks and facilities aim to promote California exports and attract investment to California.

Foreign Missions & International Agreements

Foreign Missions & International Agreements

GO-Biz engages with global partners to promote California exports and attract investment. This includes representing California businesses on trade missions and coordinating agreements on key issues.

Education Abroad

Education Abroad

California is a destination for students from around the world to study at some of the best universities in the country. Public and private universities throughout the state encourage international students to apply.