Start a Nonprofit Corporation

Filing a Nonprofit Entity 

To start a nonprofit corporation you must complete certain filings with the California Secretary of State.  Please click here to view detailed information on how to file.

Tax-Related Services

The California Tax Service Center provides tax information for nonprofit corporations.  There you will find information from the Board of Equalization, the Employment Development Department, the Franchise Tax Board, and the Internal Revenue Service.

Registering Donations

Once your nonprofit corporation receives donations, you must file an Initial Registration Form CT-1 within 30 days with the Office of the Attorney General. Click the links below for additional information from the Office of the Attorney General:

Charitable Solicitation Requirements

Many California cities and counties have passed charitable solicitation ordinances to protect their citizens against fraudulent solicitation. These ordinances may require charities and charitable fundraisers to register, certify their tax exempt status, obtain a license to solicit, and file accountings of fundraising proceeds. Most California counties and large cities maintain a charitable solicitation licensing office. It may be a separate department or part of the police or sheriff’s department.   Click below for city and county contact information:


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