Manufacturing Products


A company seeking to establish a manufacturing facility in California will need to obtain the appropriate government permits for the type and location of the business.
A very handy website that provides businesses with general information on permits and other requirements of California agencies at all levels of government is the CalGold website:

Protecting California’s Environment

Land Use and Planning Obligations for Both Sellers and Manufacturers

Land use and planning in California is regulated by a set of environmental review requirements. Any project that will potentially affect the environment engages certain requirements stated in the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

The permit process is independent yet integral to the CEQA process. The issuance of any permit must consider potential environmental consequences of activities to be conducted under the requested permit. CEQA, in turn, addresses those concerns in one document in which all permit agencies, the land use decision agency, the project proponent, and the general public participate. The document, typically an Environmental Impact Report (EIR), is the initial step upon which subsequent permit decisions are based.

Although streamlined in recent years, the California permitting process can be complex. Issuance of the permits indicates that the company agrees to build and operate its facility in compliance with the federal, state and local building and environmental laws. Many small, non-manufacturing facilities may not require a significant permit process or an EIR.