Strategic Urban Development Alliance, LLC (SUDA)

Solar Installation

Located in the burgeoning ‘Uptown’ section of Oakland, the TBS solar installation is one of the largest ever to be placed on an urban office building serving the public.

The Strategic Urban Development Alliance, LLC (SUDA) specializes in urban land development, construction management, asset management, property management, project finance, and general construction contracting. The company has created successful development and finance models through effective use of entitlements, implementation of taxable and tax-exempt finance strategies, co-venturing and building strategic partnerships with government agencies.

Fully committed to ecologically sound building systems, SUDA works to integrate renewable energy sources into projects wherever possible. The firm is currently diversifying services to include development of power generation and commercial energy delivery. Their local Financial Development Corporation (FDC) has provided California Small Business Loan Guarantees to SUDA since 2006 to facilitate SUDA’s multiple rounds of financing for growth and working capital.


Featured Partners

Northern California Small Business, Financial Development Corporation
California Small Business Loan Guarantee Program