The Office of the Small Business Advocate (OSBA) provides information and assistance to small businesses so they can succeed in the California marketplace.  OSBA hosts workshops and webinars on varying topics.  In partnership with GO-Biz’s Permit Assistance Unit, OSBA also convenes a State interagency working group to represent small business interests in the state’s regulatory policies.

OSBA’s website provides a centralized list of small business resources for state procurement, loan programs, and business planning.  Depending on the issue, OSBA’s staff can also refer small businesses to appropriate contacts in state government.

For additional information on OSBA's activities, please review our 2014-15 report to the Governor and Legislature at the link below:
OSBA & MIC Annual Report 2014-2015


CA Made is a state labeling program designed to encourage consumer product awareness and to promote the purchase of products manufactured in California.  The statute underlying the program is available here.

Regulations were prepared by GO-Biz to administer the program.  The regulations were approved by the Office of Administrative Law effective June 7, 2016.  A link to the final regulations is below: 

CA Made Regulations

Program enrollment is scheduled to begin in spring/summer 2016.

For more information on the CA Made Program, please view our 2014-15 report to the Governor and Legislature