Since 2013, California Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr. has declared the month of May as California Small Business Month to recognize the importance of small businesses and entrepreneurs to the state, which is home to the most small business in the U.S. – 3.9 million strong. 

Owning and operating a small business is not a job that begins and ends each day. It’s a member of your family. You give it life, you nurture it, you try to make the best decisions you can to support its growth, you look for partnerships and opportunities, and, if you are fortunate, it takes on a personality of its own and grows in ways you may never have expected. 

And, as we all know, each stage of business development is different based on variables in your control and those outside of it, too. Your primary concern today to market your product may be replaced by tomorrow’s need for capital infusion.  That’s why at GO-Biz we provide you with access to resources and services as the needs of your small business changes. GO-Biz is here to support small business, so feel free to contact us for assistance. 

About the OSBA

The Office of Small Business Advocate (OSBA) provides information and assistance to small businesses to help them succeed in the California marketplace. OSBA hosts a variety of summits, forums and interagency meetings. It also maintains a comprehensive list of resources for small business technical assistance, financing and state procurement.

View one of our previously recorded Small Business Webinars for information on business resources and requirements.

Services Offered

Visit the California Business Portal for resources and information to get your business up and running.


Energy Upgrade California

Energy Update California is a statewide initiative created to motivate and educate California residents and small businesses about energy management.