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GO-Biz recognizes the Silicon Valley Leadership Group
4/1/2014 9:55:00 AM
GO-Biz recognizes the Silicon Valley Leadership Group for awarding local government entities for their best practices and innovative services.

We recognize the Silicon Valley Leadership Group for their “Turning Red Tape into Red Carpet” awards program. The program commends local government agencies for improving service to citizens and encourages an environment that furthers economic development and job creation.

The Leadership Group, in partnership with other business associations in the Silicon Valley, held their first awards ceremony on December 13, 2013. The awards program was judged by former public sector officials and private sector business leaders in Silicon Valley. Awards highlighted 5 specific categories: Business Retention and Expansion, Responding to Globalization, Sustainable Green Development, Real Estate Redevelopment and Reuse, and Use of Innovative Technology.

“All too often, private citizens complain about public agencies,” said Silicon Valley Leadership Group CEO Carl Guardino.  “We should also remember to commend public agencies when they are innovative, responsive and creative in efforts to grow the economy and jobs.”

“In Silicon Valley, we are often at the epicenter of innovation,” continued Guardino.  “However, our Turning Red Tape into Red Carpet awards program was actually borrowed from Lucy Dunn at the Orange County Business Council, proving that great ideas can be created or emulated.”

Over 30 applications were submitted from 21 public agencies and were judged on the extent of economic impact, achievement of stated goals through measurable results, public-private partnerships, innovation, and ability to be re-created.  The panel of judges selected seven award winners in the five categories (two categories included two winners) from projects submitted by the City and County of San Francisco, Dublin, Redwood City, San Jose, San Jose Mineta International Airport and Santa Clara County.   The award program is proof that public-private sector partnerships can work to improve efficiency of service and improve business climate and create jobs.   The Leadership Group will begin soliciting applications from public agencies in mid spring, and the 2014 “Turning Red Tape into Red Carpet” award reception will be on December 11, 2014 in San Jose.