The Permit Assistance Unit provides comprehensive permit assistance and regulatory compliance statewide to all businesses in California by serving as the central source of permit guidance.

The Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development’s Permit Assistance staff, combined with local and regional permitting agencies, provides permit identification and regulatory compliance assistance. The permit assistance staff acts as a neutral third-party facilitators and their service is confidential and free. A project manager may be assigned to personally guide an applicant through the permit process.

Knowledgeable staff helps new business owners identify all of their permits needed to start a new or to expand an existing business. The unit schedules pre-application meetings between businesses and the appropriate regulatory agencies to help streamline the permitting process. The permit assistance staff acts as a neutral facilitator between state regulator agencies and businesses to resolve permitting issues. 

Our on-line permit assistance website provides a listing of required, federal, state and local permits, webpage links, addresses, application forms and phone numbers.

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