Eligible Training Provider List

California's Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL) was established in compliance with the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) of 1998. The purpose of the ETPL is to provide customer-focused employment training for adults and dislocated workers. Training providers who are eligible to receive Individual Training Accounts (ITAs) through WIA Title I-B funds are listed on the ETPL.

California's statewide list of qualified training providers offers a wide range of educational programs, including classroom, correspondence, Internet, broadcast, and apprenticeship programs.

You can search hundreds of training providers by choosing one of the following links. Select your area of interest below:

  • Training Provider : Lists all public and private education and training institutions identified by the State of California as eligible to receive WIA training funds.
  • Program :  Lists all approved programs (courses or combination of courses) submitted by eligible training providers. Approved programs lead to an employment goal, and may award graduates with a diploma or certificate.
  • Training Site Location : Lists the physical location of each training site, searchable by city, county, or statewide.
  • Occupation : Occupational titles may be entered to search for programs that provide training under a different name or in a comparable field.
  • Apprenticeship : Lists all formal apprenticeship programs in California that have been approved to receive WIA training funds. An “apprentice” develops marketable job skills in a structured, coordinated work and school training program. For more information on apprenticeships, see www.dir.ca.gov/apprenticeship.html.