The "Get Ready to Export" Video Set: 

  1. The Export Process Overview 
  1. Are You Export Ready 
  1. My Export Plan 

The "Plan Your Market Entry Strategy" Video Set: 

  1. Research the Global Market Place 
  1. Select Initial Markets 
  1. U.S. Export Regulations 
  1. Foreign Import Regulations 
  1. Get Export Counseling   

The "Find Foreign Buyers" Video Set: 

  1. Sales Channels 
  1. Find Foreign Buyers Part 1: Customized Services 
  1. Find Foreign Buyers Part 2: Trade Shows 
  1. Find Foreign Buyers Part 3: Trade Missions 
  1. Find Foreign Buyers Part 4: E-Commerce 

The “Get Paid and Finance Your Export Transactions” Video Set: 

  1. Methods of Payment 
  1. Export Financing 

The “Make the Export Sale” Video Set: 

  1. Preparing Your Product for Export 
  1. Introduction to Free Trade Agreements 
  1. Shipping Basics 
  1. Pricing and Quotations 
  1. Export Documentation