SaveME Batteries

SaveME Batteries is an early stage Company based out of San Diego that has developed an innovative program for consumers to purchase and exchange batteries.  By deploying several technologies that combines high end rechargeable batteries with automated kiosk management they are able to offer the public an affordable and high performance alternative to traditional, disposable alkaline batteries.  The long term goal is to help communities create a new and sustainable consumption pattern that will benefit all of us for generations to come.

Because California, and in particular San Diego, provides “green” oriented companies a business friendly environment it made sense to headquarter the company here.  In and around San Diego there is large pool of talent with a broad range of knowledge to support companies like SaveME Battery that are focused on sustainable energy.  Being located in California makes it much easier to tap into a community that is rich with creative ideas to promote clean energy and sound sustainability practices.  A strong educated network in the area will help to ensure the company’s success in the short term and provide for the company’s future growth.

Most household have multiple batteries in remote controls, toys, flashlights, and other consumer electronics.  If the household has children, the amount of batteries used increases geometrically.  All told, about four billion batteries are sold annually in the U.S. averaging around 32 per family or ten per person.   Conventional single use batteries are considered hazardous waste in California and need to be disposed of properly by taking them to a State sponsored battery collection box, hazardous waste disposal facility, or an authorized recycling facility.  Unfortunately even with the best intentions the large majority of these batteries still end up in our landfills.

The issue of battery disposal is completely eliminated under the SaveME program.  The business model utilizes automated kiosks for consumer to purchase their batteries and then swap or exchange the “empty” batteries for “full” ones at a cost less than traditional throw away batteries.  The used batteries are then “refilled”, inspected, and re-distributed to the consumer.

SaveME batteries are longer lasting and more powerful than the best alkaline battery and can be refilled by the company and put back into service for consumer purchase/exchange hundreds of times.  The environmental benefits of adopting the SaveME Batteries program go beyond just keeping battery waste out of our landfills considering the carbon footprint associated with the manufacturing of batteries as well as the excess packaging used to market and distribute.

“As a working mother, I found SaveME batteries to be the answer to all my battery needs. It's convenient, environment friendly and it 'saves me' when I need battery power for electronic toys and remotes.”

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