MD Revolution

About the Company
MD Revolution leverages doctor-supervised genomic and metabolic testing, personalized health and fitness plans, mobile health monitoring, and an integrated software platform called RevUp to reduce the risks of chronic disease and measurably improve the health of patients and corporate employee populations.  In as little as three weeks, MD Revolution can significantly impact the drivers of chronic disease – reduction of visceral fat around organs and improvements in cardiovascular fitness and metabolism.  Studies have consistently shown that 40% of cancers (prostate, breast, lung, and colon) and 75% of all cardiovascular disease can be prevented by healthy behaviors.  

Our clinical model offers the first personalized health and fitness assessments and integrated software applications in the nation that merge traditional health care with rapidly evolving tools in genomic medicine and mobile health (mHealth) technology.  MD Revolution algorithms have shown statistically significant improvements for 90% of patients in as little as three weeks. Through our software as a subscription program, corporations and health systems will receive the most technologically advanced personalized, predictive, and preventive medicine available. Demonstrable benefits include improved employee productivity, decreases in absenteeism, improved risk from an underwriting perspective, and a reduction in “high-cost” healthcare utilization.

The Market 

U.S health care costs account for 20% of GDP or $2.6 trillion.  Preventable chronic diseases account for 75% of that amount.  In 2010 healthcare costs would have been cut by $945 billion if employers had adopted workplace wellness and disease prevention programs.  Current annual spending on workplace health promotion is estimated at $2 billion.  The average employee has at least two risks linked to increased healthcare costs, decreased productivity and increased absenteeism.   This is a cost to employers of $9,000 a year per employee at a minimum. These individuals account for 81% of hospital admissions, 91% of filled prescriptions, and 76% of doctor’s visits. Boston Consulting Group and Healthways calculated that a cost intervention of $8 per employee would yield an overall ROI potential of 390-755%.  The only way the new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act can afford its ambitious national objectives is through disease prevention and health promotion.

What Makes Us Innovative 

Leading scientists and experts in genetics, chronic disease, metabolism, nutrition and mobile devices have developed MD Revolution system.  Proprietary patent pending algorithms make RevUp a scalable system that can deliver intelligent touches to help patients and employees make progress and alerts to the healthcare team when patients or employees are off track.  A nurse practitioner or nutritionist can then intervene via text, email or phone to provide guidance and support.  Mobile health tracking, real time scores and marrying dynamic and static health and fitness data in an user-friendly dashboard drive sustained behavior change.

Why is California Home for Our Company

The region boasts one of the largest and most dynamic digital health clusters in the country including Qualcomm Life, West Wireless, Scripps Translational Science Institute, Calit2, Life Technology, Illumina, and many more innovation leaders.

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