As the nation’s largest agricultural producer and exporter, California is positioned as an agricultural powerhouse of the United States. California’s agricultural industry comprises all areas of food production, including wine and spirits. 


St. George Spirits
8/7/2013 2:58:00 PM

Over three decades at the vanguard of the American craft spirits revolution, the Alameda, California–based distillery has earned respect, critical acclaim, and a devoted following for creating an extraordinary portfolio that sets the gold standard for artisanal spirits in the United States. 

Inspired by California's burgeoning culinary movement and the exceptional quality of local fruit, founder Jörg Rupf established St. George Spirits in 1982 to make eaux de vie and fruit liqueurs. Master distiller/owner Lance Winters joined in 1996 and has since worked to expand St. George's portfolio and catalyze its growth into one of the most prolific and innovative craft distilleries in the nation.

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