GO-Biz Project Success Stories

In 2011, GO-Biz directly assisted more than 3,595 businesses, which created or saved over 6,000 jobs and brought over $750 million in investment. Major companies like Dell Inc., Soitec, Zollner Electronics, SunEdison, electric car manufacturer CODA and Caterpillar Logistics all expanded in California.

Soitec Chooses San Diego for North American Headquarters and Manufacturing Facility

GO-Biz worked with Soitec to identify possible site locations around the state and to define all statewide incentives that could be available to the company. GO-Biz also worked with the Employment Training Panel staff to qualify Soitec for their program. Later, GO-Biz participated in several rounds of site selection tours that helped to qualify the final locations. Soitec will invest $150 million in developing the factory and in return, create 450 jobs.

German-Based Electronics Manufacturer Zollner Opens Facility in the Bay Area

With 8,000 employees worldwide and $1.1 Billion in annual revenue, Zollner Electronics, Inc. opened its first West Coast plant in December 2011. GO-Biz met with U.S. Zollner early in 2011 to discuss the company’s interest in California. GO-Biz provided Zollner with information regarding statewide incentives, sent out Requests for Information (RFIs), and facilitated site selection tours. In September 2011, Zollner purchased a building in Milpitas and announced their plans to expand their business in California California. To date, they have hired 27 employees, which is expected to increase to 300 employees by the end of 2012. Total investment in California is projected at $17 million.

Massachusetts-Based Blu Homes Moves HQ to California

On December 1, the modular “green” home manufacturer celebrated the Grand Opening of their California facility in Vallejo, a former Naval Station at Mare Island. The company has already hired 59 people and plan to hire a total of 160 by the end of 2012. They have invested $3 million in the facility and plan to invest at least $3 million more by the end of 2012. During Blu Home’s transition into California, GO-Biz met with Blu Homes multiple times throughout the year to provide them with helpful information related to financing, state incentives, and site selection in California. GO-Biz continues to consult Blu Homes in employee training and tax incentives.

Alabama-Based Altec Opens First West Coast Manufacturing Facility in Dixon, CA

Alabama-based Altec broke ground on their first West Coast manufacturing facility, which will create 150 new jobs for workers upon opening in 2012. Altec received significant guidance and support on the development of the new green-focused facility from two of its customers – Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) and Southern California Edison, as well as from GO-Biz, the Solano EDC, and the City of Dixon.

GO-Biz Helps Retain 100+ Jobs in Southern California

GO-Biz worked with The Carpet Recyclers, a La Mirada-based carpet recycling company, to help procure working capital to maintain operations in California. They are now taking advantage of the California Small Business Loan Guarantee Program to keep operations running until they are able to take advantage of the State’s new carpet stewardship law (AB 2398), which will help offset the costs of recycling carpet in California. This capital will help them retain over 100 jobs. GO-Biz representatives were also able to trouble-shoot their situation and connect them with a financing partner through the Pacific Coast SBDC.

Mounting Systems Selects West Sacramento for Production Facility

In late 2009, GO-Biz was introduced to Mounting Systems GmbH through the German-American Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco. The Germany-based company develops and produces mounting structures for photovoltaic installations, and was looking to establish a headquarters and production facility in Northern America. GO-Biz coordinated with the local communities on the site selection process and potential incentives for the company. After careful consideration of the choices in Northern California and other competing states, Mounting Systems chose West Sacramento as the ideal location to launch their US headquarters. The company will start with 30 jobs and ramp up to 100 by 2013. In June 2011, the company was awarded an ETP contract.

GO-Biz Works With Pactiv to Keep them from Moving to Texas

Pactiv owns an existing facility in the City of Santa Fe Springs. After conducting a cost-saving study of their 48 manufacturing plants in the US, Pactiv considered closing the Santa Fe Springs plant and moving the existing 137 jobs to a facility in Texas. GO-Biz helped the company partner with the local utility on cost saving measures and along with steps taken by the LAEDC and City of Santa Fe Springs, Pactiv decided to stay in California and retain 137 jobs.

EVI and UPS Announces Purchase of 100 Zero-Emission All Electric Delivery Trucks

GO-Biz worked with EVI to help secure the sale of 100 all-electric delivery vans to UPS. In collaboration with CARB and the CEC, GO-Biz suggested EVI to expand the Hybrid Truck and Bus Incentive Program by including a 20% voucher increase for vehicles made in California. This incentive helped finalize the purchase by UPS and as a result, EVI in Stockton has almost doubled in size.

State Incentives Retain Major Semiconductor Manufacturer - TowerJazz

With special assistance from GO-Biz, TowerJazz – an Orange County based company who manufactures integrated circuits for more than 200 customers worldwide – gained approval for an Employment Training Panel (ETP) contract in order to expand their workforce. A critical proposal analysis by GO-Biz was provided to ETP supporting this firm as well as developing a contract plan that was agreeable to ETP. This will help retain and retrain 150 employees in Orange County.

Telefunken Semiconductors Purchases Roseville Facility Saving 700 Jobs

Germany-based Telefunken Semiconductors purchased the former NEC and Renesas facility in Roseville, retaining its current employee base of 600. GO-Biz worked with Telefunken to help reduce operating expenses and to increase the number of employees. In 2011, Telefunken installed a new $150 million line of energy efficient semiconductors, and will be hiring approximately 100 additional employees. With the assistance of GO-Biz, the company was awarded a $750,000 ETP contract to retrain their employees. The company will also utilize the California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority (CAEATFA) program and is pursuing pollution control financing through the Treasurer’s Office.

Sun Edison Relocates Headquarters to California from Maryland

GO-Biz collaborated with Sun Edison, the State Board of Equalization, and Assemblymen Hill’s office to relocate Sun Edison’s headquarters from Maryland to Belmont, CA. GO-Biz presented incentive programs, such as Employment Training Panel, Research and Development Tax Credit, and Economic Development Rate to reduce utility cost. To date, the company has not yet taken advantage of these programs. The company, on the other hand, requested assistance in clarifying laws pertaining to the taxation on solar systems. Assemblymen Hill introduced AB X1 15clarifying the existing statute, which was promptly signed into law by Governor Brown. As a result, Sun Edison brought approximately 200 employees from Maryland, adding to the existing 100 employees they currently have in California. They plan to create approximately 300 new jobs over the next five years. Sun Edison made their formal announcement on October 10, 2011; Governor Brown was in attendance.

Bayer Healthcare Opens U.S. Innovation Center

GO-Biz worked extensively with Bayer Healthcare to retain the U.S. pharmaceutical research operations, and convinced the company to establish a new U.S. research-partnering and collaboration office. The facility, which is located in Mission Bay, is home to 65 research scientists and has already forged a new master service agreement with UCSF, which provides a framework to expedite new collaborations between the two organizations.

Golden Queen Mining Company Selects Kern County

The American subsidiary of a Canadian mining firm, Golden Queen Mining Company, plans to invest $200 million to reopen a closed gold mine in Kern County. GO-Biz assisted the firm to address the concerns of the California Department of Conservation’s Office of Mine Reclamation. The Department of Conservation’s Office of Mine Reclamation approved the firm’s removal and disposal plan for mined gravel, which allowed the company to actively work with Southern California Edison to develop a power substation to service the mine.

Hydrite Chemical Locates Facility in Visalia

The Midwestern Chemical company has selected Visalia, California as the site for their new facility. GO-Biz met the company officials during their tour of potential communities to station their plant and to define all statewide incentives that would be available for the project. Hydrite invested $5 million and as of now, employs 25 workers at this new facility.

JJ Cores’ Opens New West Coast Distribution Facility in Fullerton

GO-Biz worked directly with JJ Cores, a Canadian automotive part distributor, to find a site for their new west coast distribution center. Upon request, GO-Biz conducted a thorough report on a selection of economic development corporations in the region. In September 2011, the company identified their top choices and selected a site in Fullerton, CA. GO-Biz then worked with the firm to establish themselves as a California corporation by registering with the Secretary of State and obtaining their tax identification number. The facility is opened for business and expected to employ 10 workers by the end of April.

California-based Modern Alloys Selects Northern California for Expansion

A Southern California-based Caltrans contractor, Modern Alloys, initiated a search for a facility to expand the company. GO-Biz worked with the company, by contacting the economic development corporations in the targeted communities and defining all statewide incentives that would be available to the company. With the help of GO-Biz, Modern Alloys was able to co-locate a site with a future subcontractor, which enables them to complete their plan to hire 25 new employees.

Belcampo Meat Company Breaks Ground on Yreka Meat Processing Facility

GO-Biz worked with the Siskiyou County Economic Development Council to help Belcampo choose Yreka as a site for their first meat processing facility. Belcampo considered opening the facility in Oregon, but decided to locate in Yreka and stay in Siskiyou County, where they have ongoing agriculture operations. The meat processing facility expects to employ 15 individuals in the beginning. Since the company is located in the Enterprise Zone, they will most likely take advantage of the benefits that the zone provides, including the Employment Training Panel program. The facility is planned to be operational by mid-2012.

Church and Dwight Selects Victorville for New Manufacturing and Distribution Facility

GO-Biz held discussions with Church and Dwight on several occasions and in December 2010, more specifically; the benefits of Victorville over sites in other states were presented. Thereafter, Church and Dwight chose to invest $43 million to develop the site, which will employ 200 workers. The facility is designed to support existing west coast customers. Construction is currently underway in preparing the building and constructing a BNSF rail spur.

Caterpillar Logistics Selects Kern County’s Tejon Ranch

GO-Biz worked with Caterpillar to define and explain the statewide incentives available, as well as the features and benefits of the qualifying California sites. The Tejon Ranch site will be home to their 400,000 sq. ft west coast warehouse distribution center. The company plans to spend $25 million to establish the site on the 46 acres and create 90 full time jobs. Groundbreaking is scheduled for the 1st quarter of 2012, and GO-Biz staff is working with Caterpillar on scheduling and planning the event.

Family Dollar Stores Inc. Enter the California Market

One of the nation's largest chains of discount retailers, Family Dollar Stores Inc., opened its first stores in California in November, including their west coast headquarters in Ontario, California. As a new employer in California, GO-Biz assisted the company with labor practice laws and regulations as well as local assistance and support for their stores. GO-Biz assembled meetings with the Labor and Workforce Development Agency, CalOSHA, and the Employment Development Department to educate Family Dollar executives on labor laws in California. Additionally, GO-Biz helped stream line the permit process for their stores. As a result, California is being considered for the next placement of the company’s distribution center.

Japanese-based Mori Seiki Establishes Manufacturing Facility in Davis

The Japanese-based tool manufacturer, Mori Seiki, selected Davis for its U.S. tool manufacturing facility. GO-Biz collaborated with SACTO on providing information on incentive programs that the company could potentially take advantage of at the Davis facility. The company had once considered planting the operation in Illinois, where the company’s U.S. headquarters is located. The company will invest $33 million and employ approximately 45 employees at the Davis facility.

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